Football New Brunswick periodically honors those who have made "significant" long term (25 years) contributions  in either playing, coaching, officiating or building the game of football.  In some cases the award is also presented to individuals who have made an "outstanding" contribution over a shorter time period. Past Presidents of Football New Brunswick automatically qualify.  Lifetime Service Award recipients are presented with the Football New Brunswick ring and their significant other receives the Football New Brunswick pendant. 
  Nominations can be e-mailed to Football New Brunswick at
Deadline is February 15.


2016 Award Recipients
Dennis Ronan, Riverview Builder


2014 Award Recipients
Tim Phinney, Moncton Coach


2013 Award Recipients
Bob and Alice Esson, Moncton Builder
Ken and Elaine Lawrence Builder, Coach


2012 Award Recipients
Bruce and Sue Watts, Saint John Builder, Coach


2011 Award Recipients
James Fowler, Moncton Official
Jeffrey Reath, Moncton Coach
Peter Comeau, Moncton Coach
Brian Agnew, Moncton Coach


2010 Award Recipients
Byron and Charlotte Munro, St. George Official, Builder
Ewart and Sandra Kenney, Fredericton Coach, Builder


2009 Award Recipients
Bill and Pam Murphy, Saint John Builder, Official
Arliss and Elaine Wilson, Saint John Coach, Builder
Barry and Deb Ogden, Saint John Builder, Coach


2008 Award Recipients
Dan Fearon, Riverview Builder
Les Ryder, Moncton Builder
Alan Weldon, Sackville Coach


2007 Award Recipients
Perry and Christine Kukkonen, Moncton Coach
Terry Tait and Trudy Tower, Moncton Coach


2006 Award Recipients
Stewart and Patti Fraser, Moncton Coach
Larry Wisniewski and Elizabeth MacFarlane, Fredericton Coach
Kevin and Carolyn Clifford, Saint John Coach
Rusty and Gisele Kirkpatrick, Saint John Coach


2005 Award Recipients
Norm and Cathy Seguin, Fredericton Builder, Official, Coach
John Cowan, Moncton Official
Gilles Lavoie and Brenda Teed, Moncton Coach, Builder


2004 Award Recipients
Paul & Cathy Beardsworth, Riverview Coach
Mike Young & Lynn Chedore, Fredericton Official, Coach
Larry & Anne Timms, Saint John Builder


2003 Award Recipients
Don & Patti Davis, Fredericton Coach, Builder
Larry & Karen Harlow, Saint John Coach, Builder, Official
Mike & Heather Lavin, Saint John Official, Coach
Dan & Helga Fougere, Moncton Coach, Builder


2002 Award Recipients
Phil & Joan McGarvey, Saint John Coach, Builder
Mike & Wendy Murphy, Saint John Coach, Builder
Mark & Elaine Lenehan, Moncton Coach
Andy & Joan Atkins, Moncton Official, Coach
Louis LeBlanc & Tammy Scott, Moncton Coach


2001 Award Recipients
Ted Mather, Fredericton


Kevin & Francine Artichuk, Riverview Coach, Builder
Don & Joyce McElman, Saint John Coach


2000 Award Recipients
Bob & Heather Cormier, Fredericton


Shane & Claire Esson, Moncton Coach, Builder
Brian & Sue Gaudet, Moncton Builder, Coach
Ron & Heather Goguen, Moncton Builder
Al & Carolyn Norman, Moncton Builder, Coach


1994 Award Recipients
John & Faye Chisolm, Moncton Official, Coach
Vic & Olive d'Entremont, Moncton Official
Mike & Mary Dollimore, Fredericton Builder, Coach
Ed & Retta Edmonds, Moncton Official, Builder

Bob & Maureen Forbes, Moncton



1992 Award Recipients

Donald & Cathy Cooper, Saint John

Mike & Judy Upward, Saint John Coach, Builder
Fran & Mary Hughes, Saint John Coach


1991 Award Recipients

Jack & Karen Anderson, Moncton Official
Roger & Gail Collette, Moncton Builder, Coach
Lloyd & Lori Desroches, Moncton Official
Bill & Gloria Glendinning, Moncton Official, Builder
John & Anna Gould, Moncton Official, Builder
Ed & Beverly LeBlanc, Moncton Builder, Coach
Angus (Gus) MacFarlane, Sackville Coach, Builder
John & Donna MacNeil, Sackville Coach
Mike & Winnie McKee, Moncton Builder
Mike & Charlotte McKenna, Moncton Official
Ray & Dianne Muir, Fredericton Official
Steve & Terri Mullin, Moncton Builder, Coach
Ron & Gloria Paschal, Moncton Builder, Coach
Ed & Lois Skiffington, Moncton Coach, Builder
Karl & Mavis White, Saint John Builder