Pro Tips: From B.C. Lions Kicker Lui Passaglia

"To achieve maximum distance on your kick, keep your head down, concentrate on the ball and make sure you fully extend your kicking leg as you follow through."

The Stance

--Assume a position about four yards from the ball at a 60 degree angle from the flight path of the ball.

--Plant foot slightly ahead of kicking foot and about 10-12cm apart.

--Lean body forward slightly from the waist.

The Approach

--Take a short jab step with the front foot.

--Next step slightly longer than a walking step ( to gain speed and momentum).

--Body begins to untwist as shoulders move towards ball.

--Plant foot lands to left of ball with toes pointed at target of kick.

--Cock the kicking leg behind the body as the knee leads the foot toward the ball.

The Contact

--Contact the ball below the mid-line of the ball with the instep of kicking foot.

--On contact, lock the ankle with toes pointed slightly downward.

--Kicking motion is a whip-like movement of the lower leg and ankle.

--Kicking leg should be completely extended on contact.

The Follow-Through

--Wide, smooth powerful arc of leg ends up with a high, long follow-through and the hips rotate after contact.

--Keep the head down until the kicking foot reaches its maximum height.

--Momentum of body causes slight hop on the plant foot.