Pro Tips: From former San Diego Chargers Quarterback Doug Flutie

"The key to throwing with accuracy is to be set with your feet, cocking your left shoulder and then stepping in the direction of your throw. When you step to the target, you may want to step to the outside edge of the target."

The Grip

--Get a comfortable grip, spread fingers slightly on laces if hands are big enough.

--Grip with the fingertips, ball should not contact palm of hand.

--Ball is held at shoulder level with both hands on ball.

Stance And Delivery

--Feet are shoulder width apart, push off back foot and take small step forward with front foot.

--Throwing shoulder starts forward and is lead by the elbow of the throwing arm.

--Keep upper arm parallel to ground or above shoulder as ball comes forward.

--Arm begins to extend from the elbow.

Release Of The Ball

--Accomplished by elbow extending, forearm rotating outward, and wrist flexing.

--Spin or spiral of football develops as a result of forearm rotating outwards away from body, and wrist flexing causing ball to roll off the fingertips (rolling off from little finger to index finger).

The Follow-Through

--Completely extend throwing arm.

--Allow arm to continue through complete range of motion toward target.

--Back leg comes forward and feet are nearly parallel at end of follow-through.

--Keep knees bent.