Football New Brunswick 
16 & Under Elite Program----14 & Under Elite Program
Developmental Rules

                                                                                                                                         Revised May 26, 2002


Teams will play games consisting of four 12 minute quarters timed in accordance with the Canadian Rulebook for Tackle Football. This is the same as used by High School football. Games will usually run 2-2.5 hours in length. 


(1)  Teams are permitted to practice a maximum of 30 hours.

(2)  No player can go both ways in the same quarter. This permits players to play both offense and
defence, just not at the same time.

(3)  No kickoffs. Teams begin scrimmage from their own 35 yard line.

(4) After a touchdown teams will run or pass from the 5 yard line for a two point conversion.
There will be no kicked converts and no field goals. Punters can score singles.

(5) Teams are permitted to punt. There will be no rush on the punter. No fake punts. No onside
players. Players on the kicking team cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is in the air. 
Players on the receiving team will line up in a "normal" punt return formation and cannot
retreat  until the ball is snapped.

(6)  The nearest goalpost will be used as the "hash mark". This will reduce the maximum width of the wide side of the field from 41 yards to just over 35 yards. (14 & Under Elite Only)


(1) The defence can attempt to "overwhelm" the offence by a maximum of one player on any given  play. This can be done by either having one more defensive lineman than the the offense has interior offensive lineman (ie. C, G, T, TE) or by blitzing or rushing one linebacker. Defensive backs are not allowed to blitz.
       Linebackers must line up, at least, 3 yards off the line of scrimmage. Defensive halfbacks must line up, at least, 7 yards off the line of scrimmage. Corners are exempt from this rule.
       If this rule is violated the defence will be penalized 5 yards for "illegal defence". In order to minimize penalties, it is strongly recommended that the defensive captain keep the Line Umpire informed of planned blitzes. 
       This rule is not in effect when there is two yards or less to go for a first down or when the offense is scrimmaging inside the defensive team's 5 yard line.



(1)  Teams will play 4 down football with the one yard neutral zone. The offence must throw a legal forward pass on at least one of the first three downs in each series of downs
        Failure to do so will result in an "Illegal Procedure" penalty. Officials will not stop play until the ball is dead. Attempting to pass and getting sacked or being forced to run will not satisfy this rule. The ball must be thrown as a legal forward pass. Forward passes thrown to receivers behind the line of scrimmage must travel at least 10 yards to satisfy this rule. A lateral pass will not satisfy this rule. Officials should point this out to a team that has just thrown a lateral pass. A five yard penalty will be applied and the down repeated. The offensive team will still be obligated to pass the ball again after the penalty has been applied.
        The defensive team has the option to decline the penalty, let the play stand and bring up fourth down. The offensive team can run the ball on fourth down.
        In order to avoid this penalty teams are strongly advised to pass on either first or second down. 

(2)  No trick plays (e.g. fumble/rooskie, hook and ladder, double reverses, etc.). Offenses should emphasize basic, fundamental football.

(3)  Initiating blocks below the waist is not permitted. Illegal blocks below the waist are a 15 yard penalty. Any player penalized twice for this infraction in the same game will not be permitted to play the remainder of the game. "Pop and Drop" blocking is permitted.